Ye (Issac) Lin:
Metallicities of High-z Dwarf Galaxies
Issac Lin / a schematic diagram of stacking 2D spectra

Ye “Issac” Lin (F&M ‘22) is stacking Keck/MOSFIRE spectra of faint “dwarf” galaxies selected by their Lyman-alpha emission at z=2.6 in order to measure their nebular ionization and metallicity. He has already measured the [N II]/Hα ratio for a 2D stack of galaxies that he constructed, and he is in the process of measuring the [O III]/Hβ and [O III]/[O II] ratios to constrain these properties more accurately. Issac’s work is also helping us prepare for our approved JWST Cycle 1 program CECILIA (led by Dr. Allison Strom at Princeton University), which will combine ground-based and space-based emission line measurements to develop new metallicity calibrations applicable to the early Universe. He is also developing his work into a seniors honors thesis.