Ojima Abraham:
Software for Faint-Object Stacking
Ojima Abraham / a pair of diagrams showing galaxy light profiles

Ojima Abraham (F&M ‘23) took over a project begun by former students to stack broadband images of faint galaxies detected in Lyman-alpha and model their light profiles and sky background. The plots above show the 1D radial profile for the stacked galaxy images in the Keck/LRIS R band image before and after removing the fit sky background, which was systematically oversubtracted in the original image. As a computer science major, Ojima is focusing on improving the code that performs this stacking (originally developed by Christopher Chapman ‘21) in order to make it more flexible and efficient for application to new galaxy samples.

Before working on his galaxy research project, Ojima also worked with me and the Attollo organization to develop and teach a coding program to local high-school students in the Lancaster, PA area.